Ph.D in Ph.D In Electrical

Ph.D in Electrical in 2013-2014

Electrical engineering is one of the mother trades of engineering beside mechanical and civil. The doctorate program in this engineering trade is the specified study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. By this highest qualification you can get a deep knowledge about any of the sub tracks like signal processing, digital system and control engineering.

M.Tech in electrical engineering with 55% marks is the required qualification for this analytical program. Any candidate can take a minimum of 2 years and maximum years duration as the maximum. There is another enrollment process after graduation but for that you need a high percentile of more than 99.80 in GATE examination. Conducting IIT gives the top rankers to get their Ph.D. program after graduation but you need more 80% or more percentage in your academic degree. 

Electrical engineers are required in all kinds of organization or offices as this is the age of computer which is based on electricity. All kinds of production and non production industries require these professionals. They are preferable in the research and development department of all television, computer, space vehicles, automobiles, refrigerators, communication system, lighting systems, wiring systems and heavy vehicle industries. As the first preference any Ph.D. holder can apply in any engineering college as lecturer or assistant lecturer.

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