Indian PhD Education in Current Scenario

The quality of Indian PhD education is continuously increasing due to rising career opportunities for PhD holders in academics, as well as, industries. Earlier, only a few students preferred entering the PhD courses due to limited career scope in academia only.  Today, with developing economy, Industrial R&D needs lots of PhD holders to meet the demand for higher production and quality standards in various sectors. So, Indian education system has become much more concerned about the quality of postgraduate education, i.e. PhD education being provided at different universities across the nation. For those, looking ahead for PhD admission 2014 in India, this is very good time to gain deeper academic, as well as, practical knowledge about a field of study they are interested in.

Today, Indian PhD education is more focused on nurturing five Ps through a sound PhD program in a chosen discipline. And these five Ps are:
1.    Passion,
2.    Patience,
3.    Perseverance,
4.    Perspective, &
5.    Purpose.

Higher education at PhD level provides deeper experience in practice, ethics, values and norms of a chosen study area. Also, it is known to create tools and skills of inquiry within the stream so as to create intellectual or scholarly leaders who can be able to produce future professionals. We also look upon Indian PhD education to create new standards across various career streams to meet the rising demand of globalization and industrialization. PhD is not just yet another educational attainment. It should be taken seriously as intellectual capital of higher level is associated to the degree. PhD admission 2014 in various renowned Indian universities is a process that goes through typical phases like entrance examination and personal interviews before allowing admission to candidates in different PhD programs. This tough phase is there to select only talented brains to grasp high-end learning at PhD level in their chosen discipline.


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