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A PhD is an educational degree, typically the highest that can be earned in any university. In early times, the degree was awarded to advanced scholars in philosophy. Thus PhD stands for “Doctor of Philosophy.” And nowadays the degree is awarded in most areas of study. It is sometimes also referred to as a doctorate, and graduates are typically styled “Dr.”

Students seeking PhD admission 2016 in India can take into consideration a lot of reputed universities and colleges for their ambitious project. Admission requirements for a PhD program can vary, depending upon the type of course and the college in which aspirants wants to take admission.

Some PhD colleges in India conduct a test for enrolling students in research based doctoral program. On the other hand, a few PhD universities get the students right out of college. On this page, you would found links to several prominent colleges and universities in the country which provide excellent programs at doctoral level.

These institutions offer PhD programs via on campus, as well as, off campus mode. For maintaining the consistency and standard of the education, colleges listed on this website are accredited by UGC and DEC; the top statutory bodies which regulate and maintain the higher education system throughout the India.

Enrollment to a desired PhD program is done either through pre-admission test or on the basis or previous educational qualifications.Candidates can complete PhD in any of the discipline depending upon their previous qualifications.

A PhD can be completed in no specific time frame. The duration highly depends upon the type of the course, chosen college and student’s skills. Few students take a minimum of four years to complete, whereas others require eight years or more until they get the title, doctor.

Before taking admission in any institution, aspirants must enquire about degree requirement, cost involved, and many more.

PhD for Working Professionals

A doctorate degree defines that you posses high level knowledge in your subject plus you have gone on to explore a subject or a topic via intensively researching that topic. However, for working professionals a PhD is a fancy degree but certainly not worth considering. Why? A PhD requires lot of hard efforts and time that are always a rare thing for full time works. Solution? Browse the page to get the solution to your issue – PhD for working professionals in India. Definitely you will come up with a rock solid solution that can turn your professional life forever.   

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In India, a Masters Degree is required to gain admission to a Doctoral Programme although M.Phil Degree holders are preferred. In some subjects, doing a Masters in Philosophy (M.Phil) is a prerequisite to start PHD Admission. The Indian Universities are required to lay down the criteria for the Faculty to be recognized as Research Supervisors both for M.Phil and PHD Programmes..... More Details


In India, the M.Phil Degree is considered to be a bridge course between the Master's Degree (M.A. / M.Sc. / M.Com. / MBA / MCA) and the Doctoral Degree (PHD.). More than 400 universities are conducting M.Phil degrees of one/two years duration. Admission of M.Phil candidates is done on the basis of an Entrance Test conducted by the concerned universities and institutions.... More Details

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    I must say, it was a wonderful learning experience at Mewar University. Program allowed lots of co-and extra-curricular activities to hone my skills and make me professionally trained for an upcoming future.

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    Jodhpur National University granted me permission and facilities to smoothly complete my PhD degree in humanities. Today, I am a degree honor from an accredited university!

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